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Allies In Cause
Allies In Cause

Webster Dictionary definition of Allies, 
“to relate by close likenesses.

The following represents a quasi-alphabetical list of organizations/groups/individuals, we believe, made the Tea Party movement successful.  We believe all should be philosophically allied and thereby enjoined in the common fight over the future of our nation. 

We welcome dialog and encourage you to make recommendations as this list expands.  The following may or may not have agreed to be included on the list and no permission has been sought by or for their use in this opinion based listing.

Alliance Defense Fund
American Conservative Union
American Enterprise Institute
America Family Association (AFA)
American Solutions

American Values
American Vision
Americans For Prosperity
Ayn Rand Center
Campaign for Working Families
Center for Security Policy
Christian Family Coalition
Citizens Against Government Waste
Civil Society Project
Community Issues Council
Family Research Council
Florida Family Policy Council
Freedom Works
Focus on the Family Action
Heritage Foundation
Liberty Counsel
Media Research Center
National Taxpayers Union

National Tea Party Coalition
Paul Revere Society
Tea Party Nation
Tea Party Patriots
The 912 Project
True Patriots of America
United Christians of Florida
Vision America
Wake Up America
American Center for Law and Justice
American Conservative
American Enterprise Institute
Americans for Tax Reform
Cato Institute
Center for a Just Society
 Christian Coalition
 Club for Growth
 Concerned Women for America
 Eagle Forum
 Federalist Society
 Free Congress
 Free Republic
 Huck PAC
 Judicial Watch
 Liberty for USA
 Gun Owners of America
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.
National Rifle Association
National Right to Life
Priests for Life
Our Country Deserves Better PAC
Religious Freedom Coalition
Restore America
Rutherford Institute
The Conservative Caucus
The National 912 Coalition
The Patriot Post 
Young Americans for Liberty
United Christians of Florida
Chuck Baldwin
Gary Bauer
Glenn Beck
William Bennett
John Bolton
Pat Boone
Neil Boortz
Brent Bozell
Pat Buchanan
Kirk Cameron
Neil Cavuto
Ann Coulter
Matt Drudge
Gary DeMar
James Dobson
Larry Elder
Sean Hannity
Bishop Harry Jackson
Newt Gingrich
Jonah Goldberg
Bill Gertz
Lee Greenwood
Elizabeth Hasselbeck
Hew Hewitt

Mike Huckabee
Laura Ingram

Alan Keyes
Charles Krauthhammer
Mark Levin
Rush Limbaugh
Rich Lowry
Marilyn Madison
Michelle Malkin
Michael Medved
Dick Morris
Oliver North
Ted Nugent
Eric Odum
Bill O’Reilly
Ron Paul
Tony Perkins
Howard Phillips
Dave Ramsey
Michael Savage
Phylis Schafley
Michael W. Smith
Thomas Sowell
Ben Stein
Mark Steyn
Cal Thomas
J.C. Watts
George Will
Walter Williams
Zig Ziglar
The Weekly Standard
The American Spectator
The American Conservative
The Christian Science Monitor
The New American
Fox News
FrontPage Magazine
Human Events
Wallstreet Journal


Iowans for Tax Relief

New Media Alliance


Montana Policy Institute

Ocean State

Rio Grande Foundation

Young Conservatives of Texas

912ers of Katy TX

Texas Tea Party

Minnesotans Tea Party

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